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How much time do you have is the question. A day?  A couple days? A week? What are your interests? So I will suggest several different ways to see our area, all have been done by me &/or my family & friends so I know what I am talking about here. I strongly suggest you don’t try to cram too many things into too little time. Pick one or two activities for the day & focus on them. Typical one day rentals can include:



  1. A trip to Little Harbour, snorkel Sandy Cay Reef then Tilloo Beach picnic lunch, Hope Town & their Lighthouse then back home with time to spare.
  2. Or North to Shell Island for some beachcombing & Guana Cay for lunch & a snorkel on the reef offshore of the beach. Then visit Man O War Cay for shopping or Johnnies Cay for more snorkeling, fishing, exploring.
  3. You can take a whole day & spend it in any of the settlements just walking around & ‘smelling the roses’ so to speak. Take in our culture. Visit the local school they just love visitors, you will be expected to tell of yourself to the students. Take the time to talk to some of the friendly locals around the docks & eateries. You could spend ½ day easy the HT Museum. Try finding some fresh conch salad (or diving some & making your own). Do not hurry because if you do, you will miss lots of little things.
  4. Unsure of what to do today because of the weather conditions? Just call us & one of our local experts will suggest areas for you to direct your days activities towards.


The more time you have the better.


Two or three days could see South to little Harbour one day, North to Guana Cay the next with some inshore fishing thrown in between or on the third day. Now all this is all in good weather & this important factor must be taken into consideration while planning your trips. Certain times of the year are better boating weather than others. Also do you want to be on the go so to speak three days in a row? How about the Kids/Grandpa/Mom in Law. What are their limits? Don’t try & overdo it & ruin a good thing. Be especially mindful of your exposure to the sun if you are unaccustomed. With a week you can see & do lots by boat & at a leisurely pace. That’s what it’s all about. Taking it easy. Slow down while here. Lose the cell phone. Walk around barefoot. Disconnect. Have a wonderful time in Abaco. You will wish you had two weeks time when one week is up!