Home General FAQ's
Do I need a fishing license? PDF Print E-mail
No, but we want you to be aware of our fishing regulations with regards to size, season & amounts permitted. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT take your boat outside the reef or out into the ocean to fish. For YOUR OWN safety. Also be aware that starfish die quickly when taken out of the water so take a quick picture then please put it back.
Where will I tie up the boat if I want to visit say, Guana Cay? PDF Print E-mail
All of the settlements have at least one Public Dock. Easy to identify. Rule of thumb: If there is a ‘Private’ sign on a dock, stay off, unless you have an emergency. If you are not sure if it is a private dock or not, tie up & if it is going to be a problem, someone will let you know!
Will I run out of gas? PDF Print E-mail
Only if you don’t pay attention. You will begin your rental with a full tank of gas. Our bigger boats have enough gas for several days, the smaller ones carry a days worth with reserve. Judge your fuel level while the boat is empty of passengers & at the dock, not while underway & loaded. Run the boat at 3500 – 4000 RPMs for maximum fuel economy.
What do we do if we have mechanical difficultys? PDF Print E-mail
Your boat is equipped with a VHF marine radio & has enough range to either reach us directly or to reach someone else who will relay your message to us. We have a dedidecated chase boat & someone is always on duty to respond to your situation.
What are the tides here? PDF Print E-mail
In Abaco there are generally two high tides & two low tides each day, 6 hours apart. The times advance about an hour each day so for example: todays 10:00 am high tide becomes about 11:00 am tomorrow & so forth.
How about docking the boat? PDF Print E-mail
You can do it! Brisk on the shifting in & out of gear, easy on the throttle. That’s it! If you need help with your knots securing the boat to the dock just ask us to show you some or remember old Bahamian saying, “if you don’t know the knot, tie a lot”.
I am a novice at boat handling. Should I be worried? PDF Print E-mail
No! Education is the key. Study the chart before you leave port. Ask for a thorough explanation with regards to starting & running your boats motor. If you are apprehensive about docking & maneuvering we can show you how to do that as well. Just use your common sense & you will be fine. Always let some one know where you are going & when you plan to be back.
Our flight arrives late. Can we get our boat after hours? PDF Print E-mail
It is possible. Contact us as soon as you know you will be late. It will depend on the amount of daylight remaining when you arrive. We want you to see you safely to your destination.
What about driving at night? PDF Print E-mail
In a word – don’t. For your own safety. We would hate to see your Abaco experience disrupted by a nighttime boating accident because someone couldn’t see where they were going. We have the pictures to prove it.
How deep is the water I will be boating on? PDF Print E-mail
Generally you will have 8’ or more, sometimes 6’, but you only need a maximum of 2’ to safely operate. Just lookout for the spots on the chart marked “shallow”.
Do I need a GPS? PDF Print E-mail
To navigate around here all you need is a good pair of eyeballs. They will get you from point A to point B (see above) as well as tell you how deep the waters are. GPS is convenient but not necessary.
Will I get lost? PDF Print E-mail

Oh no. A little disoriented perhaps but not lost. You will never be out of sight of land (unless you go out into the Atlantic Ocean) all you will need to do is refer to your chart & identify the islands & cays as you pass them by.