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If you are catching a flight that day you return we suggest you allow an hour or so extra time in your schedule for those unexpected little things that can crop up. When you are ready to return your boat simply proceed to the location prearranged. If this is not possible please contact us & we will make arrangements to pick the boat up from your dock. When you arrive at our dock we will inspect the boat for any damages as well as gas/oil quantities. If you wish, you may fill up the gas & oil tanks on your way in, but you do not have to. In fact, we prefer to fill the tanks ourselves & we charge the same price as the gas dock. We will take the boat to the fuel dock while you wait, fill up with gas & oil then radio the office the amounts so we can settle up. Or you can head right to the airport (or we drop you back to your cottage/dock) then we go to the fuel dock & fill up. Remember that blank credit card slip? We already have your signature (authorization) so we then total your charges & run them thru. Saves you the time waiting. We try hard to be customer friendly! You may also return the boat before/after hours by notifying us ahead of time In the event you experienced some damage during your rental it is best if you contact us about it right away as opposed to waiting till you return.